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Don Pylant, April, 2021

Kyoto in November 2010

Started by Clark, January 19, 2010, 07:45:08 AM

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Hello there JGF people!

I'll be in Kyoto for the last two weeks of November 2010. Peak leaf season. Will any of you be there then? It would be great to meet up and have a lunch together, visit a few temple gardens...

From a foggy and cold Italian Castle garden,

PS I've posted photos up on Gardenjot.com where you can see the exact locations of gardens around Kyoto. I'm hoping it might be useful to anyone who wants to plan a tour of the best gardens in the city.


Hi, Clark.  I would love to be there, but it is unlikely.  Have fun for us and take lots of photos.

Jealous in Texas...


Hi Clark
Did you say last two week of November?   Are you for sure that last two week of November is best time for fall color ?
Check with Kyoto city may save your trip   ;). They have website.
Are you photographer or gardener?
If you are gardener then I have many question for you   ;D


I left the second week in October and color was just barely starting, So I would guess the first 2 weeks in November might be peak, depending on the year of course.


My trip to Japan started October 4, 2010 and we returned on Oct 26th.  Just the maples were starting to turn color. I can just imagine how beautiful the Fall colors must be.  The upside being we had wonderful weather in the 20-25 degree C most of the time.


It is my dream to visit Kyoto one day... I've been using Google Earth to get aquaint with the city and get to know what to see and where to find gardens and temples. There is a great book one can get from amazon, "The Hidden Gardens of Kyoto", with great photos and a good explanation of the different garden designs and functions. I borrowed it twice from my local libary!
Although the fall colours must be impresive, it good to bare in mind they were designed to be appreciated whitin all seasons...
I have in my property a well stablished japanese maple tree and a have planted another one right in the back of the backyard. Halfway from the varanda and the back fence of the garden, I placed a plum tree. Not centerd, but it can be viewed from this varanda as well as from inside the house. To the left of this view I planted a cherry blossom last year which didn't give me anyflower yet. I'll be looking foward this year to see what it looks like. Near and around the Water basin, I planted some 'baby panda bamboo", which is not a bamboo per se, but a grass. I was very please to see this plant depicted in one of the gardens in "The Hidden Gardens of Kyoto"!