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Hello from lower N.Y.

Started by Richard, February 17, 2007, 10:42:35 pm

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A few years ago I introduced myself on Gardenweb - Japanese Garden Forum.  I recall asking if this ( Japanese Garden Forum - GardenWeb) is a good place to share my thoughts and I was recieved with a warm welcome.

My goal was always to make friends with whome one day I could meet and share my Japanese gardening likes.

Currently I work fulltime with race horses. A 6 am untill 8 pm 7 day a week job .

Since approx 2003 to date  I havent done much of any Japanese style gardening . I built one small garden around 2003. I've collected rocks locally throughout my surrounding towns on numerous occasions.These experiences using the artfrom of Suiseki aka  Stone viewing or Philosopher's stones have slowly trained my eyes to spark a very slow manner of thought processes . From what I am told I have a rambling hot nature of thinking and writting online.  I guess that means I am often using run on sentances . Incomplete thoughts and a lack of structure / proof reading . Please excuse these tendencies.  If I mispell words its most likely I didnt do it by accident : )

My interests in Japanese style gardens have never entered the aspects of  ornamental trees, flowers and shrubs . I like inanimate objects. Since the year approx. 2003 being the time period when I became aware of Japanese Gardens and my love for them,  I have purchased a few books .  I'm not one to read books .

Literature gives me anxiety or in Italian agita so calling myself an academic underachiever is quite accurate. Photographs and captions suffice and having perused a few Japanese gardening books at barnes and nobles I know I am fully capable of mimicking what I saw . Lacking the academia drive and appreciating inanimate materials above all , my choice of Japanese gardening styes to mimmick is always narrowing.

  Kare San Sui dryscapes will be the foundation for what I will call my minds  "chameleon" mannerisms of digesting artists and feeling like them.  I come across artists once in a blue moon whome move me.  Re interpreting thier works into the Kare San Sui traditions will be my hobby and is why I am here on this forum sharring. I'm alone with my likes.

Learing of artists  is very new to me. For the past two years I have perused books on the shelves of Barns and Nobles doing exactly as I have mentioned earlier , analysing photographs and reading the captions.

Here are some names of artisans that have influenced me in approx order I have come across in the past 2 to 3 years for the most part .

1990 - Akira Kurosawa's movie 'Dreams'    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dreams_%28film%29

1998 - Marc P Keane                  http://www.mpkeane.com/

1999 - The Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden http://www.hammondmuseum.org/index2.html

2001 - Book on Chaos Theory that I perused.

2003 - Myself : )  Built my first and to date only Kare San Sui style garden. Approx 15 ft by 6 .

2003 - 04 - Posters on Japanese Garden Forum of Gardenweb.

2003 -  Most simple words, phrases sutra titles related to Buddhism.

2004 - Suiseki < title of an Artfrom . Site below has the artists ( Willi Benze , Felix Rivera and the suiseki artisans listed on Felix Riveras website . One artist in particular Kaiseki Hirotsu.      http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Garden/1666/viewingstones.htm

2004- Hokusai
2004- Isamu Noguchi                 http://isamunoguchi.com/

2004 - Andy Goldsworthy            http://www.arthistory.sbc.edu/artartists/photoandy.html

2004,05' - Sung Dynasty inks and related Japanese paintings.

2005- Katonah Museum of Modern Art    http://www.katonahmuseum.org
               Thier two exhibets - Mag. Aba backward seated figures and Tibetan Thangkas and artworks depicting the Hands & Feet of the Buddha .

2005 - Magdalena Abakanowicz    http://www.abakanowicz.art.pl/

2005,06' - A friend on (Japanese Garden Forums, Gardenweb) suggested to read Haiku poetry. Basho struck a choard . Issa too. This was a first for me.

2006 - Dr. Robert Titus Professor of Geology  http://www.catskill.net/purple/titus.htm

2005,06' - MC Escher

2005,06' - Edvard Munch

2005,06' - Kay Sage                        http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kay_Sage

Influences over my 32 year lifespan to date that melds with Japanese Gardening.

Long walks in local forests of Dutches , Putnam and Westchester County NY. Admiring small plants and streams .

Rock collecting.

Seaside  and Lake related vacations .

Reading Fantasy books as a teen.

Cross country skiing , running and bicycling and swimming < Alot of time spent thinking of nothing .

Gardening and mowing lawns within shady locales often having smooth low lying  exposed bedrock outcroppings  and/ or  glacialy deposited ledges .

My goal is to one day incorporate all of my experiences that have moved me to thought into a mindscape garden that melds Western Surrealism movement's various styles and mediums etc into that of using Asian concepts of found objects created by the will of nature , untouched by mans hand yet rivaling the very western surrealists skills ( mans hand )that influence me so greatly.

In doing so I want the  Japanese garden style of Kare San Sui dryscapes to mirror what I learn of Western artisans and professors of science etc .  A slide ruler scale garden that starts with a planar graph papper manner of western abstract art. As one views the garden from birds eye view starting fro mthe left towards the right one will see the western artists appear on the surface akin to the surface of an ocean acting like a chameleons skin mimicking what is see's touches. This would represent how those artists are touching my mind .  Think of the swirling colors on the skin of a soapy bubble . Kinda like that. 

The verticle will be dominated by Japanese artisans influences upon me. What arises from the planar horizontal will be the myths legends symbologies of Japanese gardening . And like a slide ruler the left side of the garden will be abstract surrealism of these Japanese motiffs so to speak and by the time one gets to the right side of the garden the rising elements will take on a very traditional Japanese Garden style so much so that the planar surface rises into a hill untill that hills verticle nature leaves all of my western influences of imagery. Taking the eye upwards . Since I know so little of Japanese gardening academia , history etc this hill rising would be the smallest length of the garden .

I think the whole process will take me 10 years and will encompass a space of 20 feet wide max by 60 feet long. Like a shuffle board game I'll begin the garden standing at one end tossing my ideas and found objects into place across to the opposite end.  What I mean is as I find the materials the gardens objects found will tell me how to tell the story..fall in place using a random order.

What I like about this mindscape is I feel like I am watching the waves of an ocean listening to a bouey's bell toll having a constant steady cadence. Eventhough the waves look random from all directions. 

Having no destination  following a cadence sometimes unseen but heard vice versa and infinity.


PS. I'll try to keep my postings to one topic heading so that my ramblings do not interupt organised threads.

Any suggestions on topic headings to post upon.  where I may start ?  Thankyou .


Welcome to mJG Richard!!!

Start wherever you want, we will try to keep up.   :)

I love your stone collecting stories.  The vibe you project is beyond words.

You are not alone in your likes.  Reinterpreting is not a new concept in Japanese Gardens.  Try "Mirei Shigemori, Modernizing The Japanese Garden" by Christian Tschumi or google "Robert Murase" and see some of his interpretations.

I look forward to our conversations.


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