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April 12, 2021, 09:46:15 AM


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Don Pylant, April, 2021

Job & Ad postings

Started by don, September 17, 2009, 03:46:53 PM

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We are looking at starting a Japanese garden related job and ad posting.  Right now, the only one I can find is this http://jgo.jobamatic.com/a/jbb/find-jobs?oc=11838&oc=11840&oc=11839&oc=11843&oc=11842&oc=11844&oc=11841 . We would like to hear ideas on the subject as well as suggestions!

don p


Perhaps materials, services for the DIY are needed by this Forum?
(if that demographic holds true, which can only be ascertained by the forums readers themselves, but for that to be known they would have to reply)        edzard


I am interested in hearing also.  Folks?


I'm all for both job and ad postings - selling, buying, volunteer, DIY, anything.


Pertaining to the proposed Board, I was just asked (again) for a referral for someone to build a Japanese Style garden in Victoria, B.C. and suggest that a space be made for requests for Referrals.

This garden is on a larger site, not a city lot, the client wishes a Japanese style garden rather than a Japanese garden and it would be built within the next two years. This fall would probably be design and materials selection in the spring, building in the summer or delayed until the next year if materials are difficult to find in the area.
It is not a requisite that the gardener be a full fledged Japanese gardener per se. Moderately experienced landscapers with delivery skills and taste that wish to experience, even to gain experience building a Japanese style garden should also forward their names and contacts.

the question now remains as to where such a topic should be addressed, as I was going to post this in the Professionals forum board under a separate topic header for the garden, as compared to advising simply to inundate my Personal Messages.

I don't mind peoples wish/information 'expression of interest' to work on this garden be public, rather it would be to their benefit to express interest publicly so that the availability to other people needing garden work in Victoria becomes known.
(As it would also be useful to know where professionals or 'getting there' professionals are located)
             thank you for your expressions of interest, and if Don would make a place available then this request for referrals could be continued at that location.  Header should be akin to 'Referrals for Victoria Garden'.   thanks    edzard


I have a huge volunteer project tomorrow (50,000 plants).  After Saturday, perhaps I can catch up.


Hi Don
when time and money allow me to travel, I 'm happy to go to Texas  ;D
When I retune from Japan  I may need to post "Job wanted"   :D


I dont see why we couldnt do that, Mike.  Just let me know.