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April 12, 2021, 11:47:30 AM


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Don Pylant, April, 2021

Design help request.

Started by Akitakoi, July 22, 2009, 02:05:50 PM

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Scott... what are the stairs on the right side of the photo?
- meaning would it not be best to continue those or should the pathway be the sightline? (and why?)              edzard


That's just a concrete pad, the door under the ladder is a bath room.... With a view, lol.


I'm gathering you do not use that cement pad too often...
I would move the entry to the garden there and start the step stone pathway from that pad and descend from there...
for many reasons:
leaves the main view of a 'main garden' in the main view
leaves guests and yourself not walking directly into the view and house tracking schmutz everywhere in the house..
offers opportunity to install a large basin for good reason at the end of the deck/engawa as a washing of hands from lavatory and pond garden,
moves the dynamics to the aside - asymmetric if you wish- though really removing the -once again - line of force from the door, which is 'always' obliquely accessed and of course shifts the view coming up while allowing people at house to prepare for intrusion and people returning to gather their thoughts and shift to indoor thought, with a last clean view of a fine garden and a place they were... the pond area.

then, if you place a second walkway obliquely from that main walk, you could use your newly made pointy stones in a wide ___-------\  pathway to your 'private' place of entry... then you would also have reason to have gravel in the front of the engawa.. and the background, the reverse view, would give reason for the type and placement of stones - the garden directly off of the engawa.. echoes the pond

makes sense?

will you have an overhang put in to shunt the water over the deck/engawa, so that the black gravel drainage ditch can be put in at the dripline?
and this will frame the view as well as indicate where entries are...

etc. etc.. (take a close view of the garden you asked about.. it has a descending overhanging roofline...)            edzard


From experience, your gravel area will be high maintenance, leaves and natures debris get caught between the stones and it is lots of work to keep it clean.  Also if you get a toad strangler you will have wash out areas that will have to be fixed. 

Edzard is giving you some good advice about your pathway.

The more photos I see of your property the more I think what a gem you have.



Thanks June, I like to think I found a real Gem here myself. Albeit dirty and rough.

James also mentioned increasing the size of the overhang, I would like to do that just not sure how. It is a very long roof and was just re shingled a few years back, I think without lowering the height part of it would be at a different pitch,,,, unless  lowering it is what you mean.

That is something I can do at a later date as the guys are coming next Saturday, July 8th to set the stones.

Is this more of what you mean about the path?
Sorry about the very amateurish graphics folks.


JULY 8th.. sure...
roof would fit under your current roof and ideally would be a different pitch..

yes, that is more what is in mind, perhaps meandering a bit..
and one needs to remember that a path is always oblique to the entrance -ie: not directly into the face of the lavatory.. which would be screened with - some device- (tree + shrub + stone + manmade item = side-garden..) or the backhoe we'd be using on July 8th, - this next weekend... or the year that July 8th falls next on a weekend?

Back to meandering paths.. design the front off-deck garden first without the paths.. then add the path later into the design where it would be natural - and hardly seen if at all.

iow's : path did not come first.. nature did, therefore nature is not designed around path = current design, but as a passing through nature. (big difference in thought process, which I know you knew as you were conveniently daubing stones to present the concept to I that needs visuals.       :)    )          edzard



I envy your project.  You're going to be busy.  I think you do need enclosure for the garden, whether through trees, and large shrubs or a fence.  A stroll garden would be fabulous.  Crushed granite makes an easy path, and its easy to weed.
Have fun.