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California Trip

Started by phil, April 19, 2009, 08:10:28 am

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My wife and I are planning a down the western coast. We are flying into Seattle the first of June then taking the PCH south to San Diego. We would like to check out a few Japanese gardens on the way, trying to get ideas for our new garden. Which are the MUST see.
Thanks Phil from Florida



Welcome Phil,  I missed your introduction when I was in Texas.  My husband and I normally spend a couple of months in Holmes Beach each winter but missed out last year because of Hurricane Ike.  You and your wife are in for a treat in Seattle if you have never been there.  Google Kubota Gardens, their web site has driving directions on it and it is a must see.  Mr Kubota used plants native to the area, which is best, so you may get ideas how to adapt native species for your garden.  And of course the Seattle Japanese Garden is a work of art.

I have seen beautiful Norfolk Pines pines in your area and they would be wonderful at the back of your garden.  Or perhaps you have neighbors with them for borrowed scenery?   Don could probably give you some great ideas for plants since many of the plants he uses may work in Florida.  I am is Zone 5, so many of the plants I use probably wouldn't work.

Have a great trip, it sounds like you are doing your homework before planning your garden.  If you are ever in the mid west Chicago and Rockford Il. have wonderful Japanese Gardens to inspire you. 

Perhaps next winter when we are in Florida we could meet you both, I would love to see your garden project.



Hi June
Thanks to you and Al for responding.
Pam and I would be delighted to have you visit. We are located in Lakewood ranch about 20 miles east of Holmes Beach. I actually grew up on Bradenton Beach. We will check out your suggestions


Try this for more info than you want.


You can key in the zip code of your destination and the DB will give you some good ideas and their websites (if any).

Of course, some entries are not in your best interest to visit, others though famous, are "touristy", some too tiny (the one at our local hospital comes to mind).

The big ones - you just have to see them, "touristy" or not.

From N to S - Portland, San Francisco Golden Gate Park, San Mateo Park, San Jose Friendship Park, these are big, take a lunch, They will all form some ideas in your mind. Enjoy the trip. Hope you have a little sports car of some sort to zoom down PCH, no better fun IMHO.

Dave, back from Daytona Beach.


Hi Phil, welcome on the Forum.

Because you start in Seattle, you could take a side trip to Vancouver, BC, to see the Nitobe Memorial Garden.

If you Google it, you can read that   " the  Nitobe Memorial Garden considered to be the one of the most authentic Japanese gardens in North America and among the top fife Japanese gardens outside Japan."

I recommend it highly.



Hi Phil,

I am new to this forum, but unfortunately late to add a recommendation or your trip. For completeness though, I wanted to mention Hakone Gardens in Saratoga, CA (www.hakone.com).

By the way, which places did you get to see on your trip?



I enjoyed the web site for Hakone Gardens Matthias, I had never seen a buddhist statue of Fudo that I recall in a garden here in the states.


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