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Don Pylant, April, 2021

Hi this is Admin Mike

Started by Michael, January 19, 2007, 02:32:26 PM

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The first real post..........geez........what do I say?

Currently live west of Seattle on the Olympic Penninsula.  Not a professional.  Hobby gardener.  Of Japanese descent.  Work as a engineer for a major Fortune 10 company in the areas of project management and sales.  Travel for my work infrequently but when it is on, it is on.  Married.  Two girls.  Lovely wife.  Hate deer (except the loin in a cream sauce on a bed of pureed root vegetables).

Live on 5 acres with native rhodies.  My garden is a constant work in progress.  Doing a lot of subtracting (the woods creeping in and removing things that don't appeal to me) and some adding.  Trying to keep it simple, trying to find the groove, the vibe, the glide, rather than trying to force anything in.

My garden is the ying to my professional hectic yang.  I hate paying big bucks for plants when I know I can substitute it for something else that may take a few years to grow in.  AKA not looking for the instant "here, it is done, success" route but rather just kicking back and enjoying the ride.

Enjoy the show!!!!!


Hi Michael.  Since this a guaranteed reply area, and you have had no reply, I offer a thank you for opening "My Japanese Garden" and giving us a place to share our passion for Japanese style gardening!

There are so many of us hungry to have comfortable conversations about the many levels of Japanese Gardening!  I hope to see many of those that shared so much in previous forums. I see George is here, and Robert Cheetham, thank you for your past forum and your support here. 

Michael, if you run short of charcoal or tea, please let us know how we can help!


Weclome to mJGDon!!!!!!!!

Thank you for the consideration.  I was going to hit up that admin guy on premises of false advertising but you saved his bacon.

I think the last time we talked for reals you were on knot # 156,679 of a fence you were building.  It has been a while.  I refer to your pine pruning tips on the net from time to time cuz every word means something valuable.

And everyone else, you can say "hi" to each other, they no bite, well, as least not hard.   :)


Hey there, Mike and Don

Don, I seem to remember that particular knot as well   ;)  ;D

Mike, kudos for starting up this site. You are a man of many talents!. I thought about starting up a forum once, but alas even a trained chimp is better equipped than I in HTML parlance..

Here's to the success of this forum -- may it become a great meeting place for all



Hi Michael!

Thank you to invite me, You done a fantastic job! I will learn the new form and possibilities! Just need 2-3 more hours a day to read the postings!

For the deer ,moose, etc, I roast the root vegetables with the meat ( after larding and marinating) and make the cream sauce with the pured vegetables, spices, served with bread dumplings and rose hip jam (or cranberry).

Andrea  ;)



Here I am working with race horses all day long sometimes into the night .  Now with your website and my ability to ramble here my co workers have noticed a big difference in me.  When I walk through the stable I am constantly thinking of when I can come home to read the forum members postings and continue using my own immagination. Without your site here I would have languished not thinking of Japanese gardens on my own , probably for months or years .  Seems posting on the threads aids in stimulating my mind into purpose for there is a captive audience which is receptive.Regardless if the forum members are like minded or not  argue, discuss  dispute or agree ..this is the fuel for me to push myself by introducing my own pre concieved thoughts without fear .  I dont have to worry about failing here such as in school , classes or speaking in front of people face to face knowing thier minds shut off to me and I can tell the interest is lost. Why I wont join Bonsia or Suiseki Japanese Gardening clubs with classes. I'm a scatter brain and afriad of the people there seeing that. I have my own style of thinking and it seems to flow . Howevr by not joining groups casses etc I am left all alone and become sad with my likes , hobbies such as Suiseki and Japanese Mindscapes .  By you creating this space online I have the ability to fly like in my dreams .  To Think of Japanese Gardens freely while among very educated intelligent professionals of Japanese Gardening trades is such a miracle for me to experience.

Thankyou from my heart for fostering a great idea into fruition Michael. You are a good man : )You do good . Just like your quote .Thankyou.



I am glad you feel comfortable here.  That is all I am trying to do, create the vibe, the atmosphere.

Stealing a quote from Lee and if she gets mad I will take it off but "Japanese gardening at its best is supposed to be so soothing, a way to lose the ego and get in touch with a deep and satisfying aesthetic or spiritual experience".

I think you are well on your way there.  And that is encouraging, at least for me.



Hi Michael --- actually, I'm honored that you would want to quote me!

And ditto about thank you for creating this great space for us.