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Yamada sensei at San Diego

Started by edzard, September 29, 2008, 05:33:23 pm

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Not on the niwa.org website as of yet.....

For those of you in and around or wanting, wishing, needing an bonafide reason to get to San Diego the Japanese Friendship Garden, (http://www.niwa.org/display/home.asp) is hosting a seminar on November 15th and 16th, Saturday and a Sunday.
There are 4 sessions with lectures and 'hands-on' fall pruning techniques for Japanese maple and black pine, with stone arrangement and tamamono pruning design by Takuhiro Yamada who is the executive director of Hanatoyo Landscape (and add the English page as Japanese page is not hard to find: http://www.hanatoyo.co.jp/english/)

75.00USD for 1 day, 130.00USD for 2 days, preference given to applicants wishing 2 days.

telephone : +619.232.2721
email : jfgsd@niwa.org

Yamada sensei is an amazing teacher with immense depth of knowledge, and is also a Tree Doctor...

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