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Howdy from Texas

Started by cowboygardener, May 31, 2008, 11:02:03 pm

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I've been gardening (or trying to) for a few years and installed my first pond last summer.  In researching ponds, I came across references to Japanese gardens and eventually bought "Ortho's All About Japanese Gardens".  The book has many great ideas and is a wonderful inspiration but I'm wanting a bit more detail before I start my own Japanese garden.  I'm very interested in finding online resources for supplies, plants, etc. 

Thanks for letting me join.



Welcome Jake, 

Keep up that thirst for knowledge.  Take your time and go and see as many Japanese Gardens as you can.  If the garden can be seen as a whole study how the plants, space and stone relate to each other.  Get the overall feel of the garden.  I like to then study the composition of smaller areas up close.  Notice how they place their stones, make walkways, group and layer plants and the textures of the foliage. 

Good luck.  Texas is a big state, what part of Texas?



Welcome to the forum, Jake.  After you have cruised the postings, ask your questions and see what happens. What resources are you looking for?  If you want, post some pics of your garden. 

June, don't you mean Texas is a big country?


My daughter married a Texan and I know know why you guys where cow boy boots too!!!  Some times it gets a little deep in your country Don. ;) 



That's right - deeper than anywhere else...

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