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Hello from Georgia

Started by stevega, May 09, 2008, 01:05:49 pm

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Hello All,

I have been interested in gardening for more than 20 years.  I became interested in Japanese gardening when my son moved to Japan 5 years ago.  I like to stretch the rules of design but I like to understand the rules first.  Right now I like to take inspiration from Japanese gardens rather than trying to create one in accordance with time tested rules, mostly because I don't know all the rules.  I'm here to learn, contribute where I can but mostly to have fun.



Welcome, Steve.  Where in Japan is your son living?  There are several forum members with gardens taking inspiration from the Japanese styles, so you are in good company!



Steve welcome,  it is good to see so many new members signing up from GW.  Look forward to your posts.



My son lives between Osaka and Kobe.  We were there in March just at the beginning of cherry blossoms.  I was amazed a the number of sculpted trees in nearly everyone's small yard.


Welcome to the forum!



Hi steve
you should write
Age : young ,good looking.
agenda : attractive male               ;D
Why took so long to get here ?


Yama-san, wrong board.  This is not dating forum, just Japanese gardening.

Welcome back!  Hope mom is ok.



Hello again Mike,

I am so sorry to see that your eyesight is failing so rapidly and that dememtia has taken over.  Fortunately, these maladies do not seem to affect your knowledge and insight with regard to Japanese gardening.
Welcome back.



Hi Steve
Japanese say that sign of ageing come this order,  teeth .eye , x rate thning (I can't put word here . )
I have own teeth and doing  well rests too  ::)  Hehehehe
How is your new home made a trypod ladder ?.   Yours is better than mine.
When you have time Please post photo of trypod and shear your wood working skills. 
Ben is trying make him self. please contact him and give him sugestions( or anyone else).

I am leaving Ga soon. I miss good high way, road and sunshine and warm weather.Of course Friends too.


I'm glad to see all of your parts are doing well.  I have used the ladder several times. 
Ben has contaced me and I have offered to help.  He said that he would call and we could discuss what he would like from me.  I would be happy to provide pictures or descriptons of what I did and learned.
Be sure to take a warm coat to Massachusetts, a sweatshirt will not be enough.  Enjoy your journey and destination.  Keep in touch.

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