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Hello from Kansas City

Started by rhysande, April 18, 2008, 05:16:09 pm

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What were we talking about?  Oh yeah...

Andee, (if) it will be sort of a hybrid.  I built a "master suite" wing that sticks out into the garden and about 5 feet above the pond.  It has a deck wrapping around with French doors looking out into the garden and woods.  The tub will be under the highest part of the deck and enclosed with cedar (not really a room, but completely enclosed with ceiling too).  The tub will hug the side closest to the pond and have a sliding panel that exposes the garden and pond.  (Do you have a copy of The Art of Setting Stones?)  I have a rainwater harvest system nearby, and the heater and pumps will be enclosed in that area.

June, the "o" is a Japanese honorific word used before a noun, not part of the noun.  Ex: o-hashi.  It is like saying, 'Please pass me honorable chopsticks' instead of 'Please pass me the chopsticks.'


Thanks Don,
I found the furo, not June, but our brain works like twin's.


Edzard, Ah, good point. If I start it as a topic, where do you think it should go?

Don, I don't have any specific books on Japanese gardening yet. I will be ordering a few, including The Art of Setting Stone, if I am not able to find them locally.

You don't need to have it screened in where you are?


well..... ;D
General Discussions is logical,
Projects if you are starting an o furo Project and would like to mention it to people..
Landscape and Design if it fits a design criteria..
History and Perspective if you need a/offer history, have a perspective and/or find a really old archaic relic of a furo and refurbish it...
Structures if it is going into a gazebo, azumaya or So-an type structure,
Stones and Gravel if it is an outdoor Onsen type...
Lanterns and Markers if you are intending to light it or leave the heater box open...
Other Plants if you are cultivating a special kind of moss at the bottom of the furo..
Resources if you are simply looking for locating a maker of furo,
Photography when it is finished or ongoing...
Water and Fish if you would like to drive Don into organizational imbalance, since..
he and James started outdoor bathing pool design in Water and Fish... and since O furo has to do with water...

and should none of these suit, I think would suggest a new topic marker of Religion and Epiphany's so that the O furo topic could read... "Sweat Lodge or O furo? Are those Visions or just Hot Water Flashes?"

         (probably General Discussions, however, I -we- have not heard the comments or questions yet.. anyone else's recommendations???)             Naturally, the final selection is up to you... :)   ..e

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