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Membership Classifications

Started by Michael, January 24, 2007, 10:24:30 pm

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Had a couple of questions on this so I thought I would expand..............

Those in the "trades" get the title of "Professional Member". 

The classification under that is based on post counts.  "Newbie" was the software default for the first tier but has come under some scrutiny so I changed it to the relatively harmless "Tier 1".  No disrespect was intended at all and I apologize if anyone was offended.

I can make the titles anything I want.  The default post counts are 0, 50, 100, 250

So...........here is what it is now (yawn).  Nice and safe.

Tier I
Tier II
Tier III
Tier IV

Here is my personal vote (hanging this out there so you can blast it out of the park).  I KNOW you can do better.


There is a lot of creativity here on the boards, so here is my challenge.   Can anyone come up with a four tier progression based on post count that does not have the term "member" in it (cuz it gets confusing when coupled with "Professional Member")?

I will let this run a week and see what we get.

If I get overwhelmed with responses, I will put it to a poll.



george in the uk

How about dynasties, from now to earlier times,
Showa =0
Taisho =50
Meiji    =100
Edo     =200 
Momoyama =500


Taking George's wonderful idea and incorporating a bit more old school.  Deeper down the rabbit hole.



-- sounds like fun, but why?


Quote from: edzard on January 27, 2007, 12:09:16 pm
-- sounds like fun, but why?

You answered your own question.  Just having a spot of fun.   :)

What say you, Edzard san?  Watchagot?


I gots....

fuzei 0-50
fuego 50->
el Nino 100 ->
Taiphun 200 ->
V 3 (cubed). .... ... +++ 500 ->

this keeps to Georges thought provoking philosophy. This way he/she who speaks the least, yet alludes the most, has the freshest breath...  as I notice that the Edo was a period of redundancy, Momoyama a tail-end of ostentatious over abundance... and the Showa a period of silent demonstrative uncertainty,..... which is quite nicely oblique for a subtext system..

whereas Mikes selection of historic periods may show more sensitivity to actual acquisition of information gain or transmission...
but why rank anything?
shrug,.. I always liked silver stars better than gold stars in grade school, which -- considering I liked the color better for ingrained ethical reasons, meant that the real challenge was, how not to get a gold star, --- how many wrong answers will it take to get a silver one, ... and not a bronze and not the dreaded gold one.

not everyone has the same objectives if objectives need be measured... getting a gold star was easy, but the real challenge was figuring out how to throw the test so as not to get caught - which of course was strapable... but at least that was interesting from a choice of rat tail, beaver tail, or conventional ribbed leather or flat, stroped n' waxed. (btw. the beaver tail hurt the most --)(yah,.. I know, more than you needed to know, I'll try to keep responses at the fresh mountain breeze category..)


--- of course if V3 : verdant verbal verbosity does not suit anyone..
then may I suggest 'kaze' and if the responses become too ethereally windy then 'kami'kaze can always be adopted to recognise the transcendence of all previous volumes.....
                                    edzard, who is still wondering what the tiers are for and how they can be useful


Hmm ... I tend to agree with Edzard. To me, the tiers only sets up an artifical social caste system. It would most definitely have made Mohandas G chafe in his fundoshi... :-\

Mike, If you do decide to keep it - or any variation of it, perhaps consider allowing posters to  switch it off using their User preferences?.. Then everybody will be happy ...I would gladly donate my tier to anyone who desires it. I'm cool with being tierless..

Recently, I was on a forum where not only could one acquire gold stars and other flashing pixels after one's name -- but one could also distribute 'reputation' points, and 'demerit' points at will. Can you imagine the havoc it caused! :)

Later, after much accusations and hand-wringing, admin decided to let people choose to switch off their 'levels' and 'reps'... of course the ones with 5 trillon posts balked at this development, having to give up their quivers of shiny gold stars, buttons and doo-dads ( sigh.. these people who weren't shown affection in their formative years)

But then, what came was even worse! - The mods decided that everyone could view WHO gave them those 'anonymous' demerit points. It became a circus  :D


hmmmm, demerit points ***wringing hands****

The classifications were based on post counts nothing more, nothing less.  So, in all fairness, everyone is a "niwashi" until they post 8,545,823 more times and then they become " crazy takoyaki (wo)man".

I think that is fair.




Just wondering..

What is niwashi?
To defeat the enemy in battle 1,000 times is not victory. Defeating the enemy without fighting is victory.  Sun Tsu


not sure if this is what Mike was thinking of ?
but a quick google gives up this definition at http://www.e-e.co.nz/niwashi.htm
QuoteUnlike western garden hand-tools the Niwashi uses an angled blade that cuts into the soil as you pull it towards yourself. A more comfortable and nature action. The sharp blade makes light work of breaking up compacted garden beds, removing stubborn weeds and turning over soil for planting.


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take - but by the moments that take our breath away


Niwashi is actually just a word that means "gardener."  Therefore, the tool in the link is called something like "The Gardener."


Quote from: Lee on February 01, 2007, 12:51:45 pm
Niwashi is actually just a word that means "gardener."  Therefore, the tool in the link is called something like "The Gardener."

Thank you for the assist, Lee.  Just keeping it simple.

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