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Don Pylant, April, 2021

Coming soon New Projects area for posting topics

Started by Jando, January 11, 2008, 09:42:04 AM

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For anyone interested there will be a new topic heading  starting soon called Projects.  When moving the forum to a different server this new topic heading was lost.  When Don has a chance he will start it again.   (And thank you Don for taking the forum and helping Michael and all of us to continue here. Blaine thanks for all your technical expertise so our forum is easy to use.)

Projects will be in the members only area of the forum and should give many of you who visit this forum a reason to join.  The project I will be involved in is having help shaping and pruning my pines.  I had posted photos of my attempts with pruning a Dragon's Eye Pine and through my pitiful attempts has blossomed this new opportunity for all of us to learn more about pruning.  If you are not a member you missed the photos of those attempts.  Others are also encouraged to join in with photos, Don and Edzard would like to see how the development in different climate zones effects the growth and timing for pruning pines.   This first project will be a great teaching tool for those of us who want to learn how to prune.  It was Edzards idea with Don volunteering, well coerced a bit to volunteer, help with photos.  Edzard, Don and others who have the experience will guide me though the pruning experience. Through the use of photos we will be able to see the stages of growth and when and where to prune, candle, and remove old needles.  We encourage those from different regions to share photos of specific areas of their pine through seasonal development.  All the necessary information for participation will be given in the new Projects posting.  I may not be posting for a while as I go south for the winter.  But I have the photos ready for Don before I leave and will have more in March.  I assume through those photos it will be explained what stage or season of growth the pine is in and what if anything should be done at that time. So join our forum and see all the interesting topics we share.  This one is going to really help all of use who are wanting our pines to be pruned properly for the garden.  

I think, Edzard and Don,  it might be a good idea to start a dictionary of pruning terms for this experience also.  For those of us who do not understand the horticultural terms that may be used for this pine pruning Project.  You had asked for photos of the Apex of a North facing Branch, I think that is the end of the branch. The Mesotonic and basitonic areas of the branch I thought would be the middle and base of the branching, but was unsure about that.  Or do they pertain to the growth of the candles or branch at different times of the season.  See we really need a dictionary so we all understand what the pros are saying.

Don I am not pressuring you at all to set up the Project portion of the forum.  I fully understand as I am sure all of us do that this is a big adjustment and time consuming job switching the administrative duties of the forum over to you.  I just thought it would help those lurking and our guests take that first step to participate in posting or to join the forum.

I am excited and looking forward to the experience.  What about YOU???

Cheers Jando


chuckling.. thank you June.. very kind...
Actually Don has set up the new place for the Pine project, and when he has a chance I suspect he will act on the larger picture that creates a Project corner, under which this heading would fall, so that anyone with a project from building a pathway, a teahouse (Soan), sleeve fence to pruning, design to stonework, entrances to gates, chaniwa, sekitei garden corners or complete gardens would be able to start a 'Project' that others would be able to offer suggestions, participate and derive benefit from.

'Projects' as we envision it would also be various Research Projects such as a comprehensive usable information packages of the history of lanterns -why which where how, or Kawara-mono and the addition of information that would enable a broader picture of the evolution of kawara-mono to doboshu, -perhaps someone wishes to know about how to shape a pot for sencha with 5 cups instead of the 6 cups in cha-no-yu,...... and so on...
in short we are currently thinking of the best picture with which to facilitate all 'Projects' that people would like to see, need or participate within, and what that folder actually looks like.

facing it squarely.......     Everyone has a Project! and everyone has well-earned advice to share.

to make Don's life easier, if anyone has any suggestions of the types of projects that could be in any way be a project,.. please do suggest them here for a visual design starting point, so that the formating will reflect the needs of the forum colleagues.

             thanks June for the encouragement, participation and mostly for the consistent bunsen burner....                   

(though I am not sure I can walk you through the exact pruning, or tell you on what day the stars will magically align correctly for the best results, I am hoping we can show enough information of what happens in what growth phase, and based on result options, to provide (as always) a fishing rod if the fish can not be decided upon, which, I hope will make it usable by 'most people' that are developing a pine, ie: if you decide you are changing your view of the garden other directions may be needed to fulfill your new 'finished picture' - and your shape typology (style) of pine is only one way of developing pine) (and selfishly also provides global information for researchers to draw upon)
                                    thanks,.....            edzard


Quote from Edzards reply (though I am not sure I can walk you through the exact pruning, or tell you on what day the stars will magically align correctly for the best results,   

And my answer to that............

And why not, I had thought you could guide each individual cut, pinch, and prune through mental telepathy. Not only can you not do that, now you tell me you can't align the stars either, Gesh, what is this forum coming too.  ???

All kidding aside,  :-* to Edzard and Don.  Doesn't this new 'Projects' portion of the forum sound exciting.  I can't wait to see what all of you guys and gals out there come up with.  And if I can't get my lap top  to work down in Florida (something about being too old and there isn't an adapter for it, I'm talking about the computer not me!!!) I am going to miss all the fun for at least two months.    :(



Weeeeel, I was thinking we had quite a few boards now.  I am researching what can be done with this software and a couple more I have.  I still need to commune with Michael about where we are going.  Right now, the Pine project is under Plants Board.  Please load your photos there.  We can always move it over to a new board if folks think that is the thing to do.  But please keep the opinions coming!!!

Pruning dictionary?  We have the space.  Tell me more...

For guests looking at this forum and wondering what is going on, we are not trying to hide anything from you. But most of the postings are protected under membership due to a past problem with plagiarism.  Lots of information is freely shared here for education, not to be used for someone elses profit.


Don, Sorry for not replying sooner.  I think a Project board is a little different than what we already have.  It would be a space where we actually post photos of projects from start to finish.  Working out details that we are having problems with.  It would be as simple as placing a stone to building a tea house.    I really think it would build excitement here.  I am sure you would like others to voice their opinions also,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, so people speak up,  what would you like.  Would you want to post photos of a project from start to finish and get feed back from the forum.  Ultimately it is in our hands to make this space useful.  So punch that reply key and give us your thoughts about the projects board.  Would it be something you would use, or enjoy seeing and learning from others, or is it a bad idea.

Don in regards to the Pruning dictionary you would probably know better than I what to define.  Branch collar, whorl, lateral branch, terminal branch ect.  Someone with inexperienced may find these terms foreign.   And it may surprise you that some may not know what a candle on a pine is.  It is taken for granite that those who have very little knowledge of pruning would know what these simple terms are.  And then there are shapes that are pruned that have specific names.  Many I am not familiar with or know what they look like but I was on a website and was stunned by the multitude of names for pruned shapes of pines used in the Japanese Garden. 

That's my feedback, lets hear yours.

Cheers June   


Yes, June.  I agree and am willing.  A pruning terms reference would require some sketches , not doubt.  Sometimes a picture is worth - oh lots.  We would be somewhat recreating references in print, and I dont have a problem with that if we are to become an online wiki thing.  But someone would have to do the sketches. 

I dont (Jack) know (Jack) of anyone that (Jack) might be able to (Jack) do that sort (Jack) of thing (Jack).  Do you, June?

Maybe we could ask - umm - maybe Jack?

By all means, please keep the comments and suggestions coming!


MMMMMM, Jack?  He is a little sketchy isn't he. :o


LMAO - that's some echo... my ears are burning up!  :D

Sorry guys - am flattered, but no can do - am off to New Zealand for a couple of weeks and then it's back to the grindstone...too much on my plate at the moment

Maybe someone here will put their hand up --  there must be more artsy fartsy folks around... surely

Have fun, all