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Oguchi, Motomi: Create your Own Japanese Garden

Started by edzard, December 04, 2007, 11:37:08 pm

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ISBN 978-4-7700-2804-4, Kodansha
(with Joseph Cali who has been instrumental in presenting other books such as the New Zen Garden and The Japanese Dream House, both are excellent to have on the shelf -and use liberally-)

Oguchi-sensei has 18 some books/monographs to his credit and this is his first in English.

As the books extended title on the cover indicates, this is a practical guide. And Oguchi-sensei indicates that one should read it through before deciding what to build or design... and he is right in that suggestion.

This is a really good book  8) going through step by step decisions on problem of the site to solutions of why what was chosen. Japanese words that are useful to know are used throughout, and with reading through, even the chapter on "The Weed Garden" is a valuable lesson in garden making and how to save money, time and 'design stress'. A chapter on Tea Gardens:Tree Gardens... this is nowhere near the 'do it in a weekend', yet makes anything do-able right from the beginning.

I have found that I needed to read some of the chapters twice and probably will again just to allow the components to inter-relate from garden to garden examples..... diagrams of construction details throughout, practical advice, along with explanations of word and conceptual origins. Fences, gates, paths, streams, ponds, bamboo work.. really easy to read until one realizes there is more than than first met the brain. And it is both left brain and right brain material.

The jacket itself is from Oguchi-sensei's own teahouse that he had moved from Kyoto, revamped and the garden built,..  way 8)

thanks to both author's in bringing this book translation to English and the west... I would say this is a 'must have' and will leave that as todays understatement.

has anyone else read "Create Your Own Japanese Garden"? or is it not out yet?? (I forgot to check, sorry if it is not, waiting would be worthwhile)


OK, Edzard, I just ordered this one.  I'll let you know.


Well golly, with a recommendation like that, now I just have to go order it.

Thanks E

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