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Hi from south carolina

Started by gardesignr, July 29, 2007, 07:09:30 am

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Hello, all!

This is my first post to ANY forum, anywhere .... I am quite reserved but feel strangely comfortable at this site! I got exposed to japanese gardening by accident. A friend and I were carousing at a local blues bar called 'jackson station' (a wonderful place; but now closed. It was in an old RR depot; beer was free as long as a train was going by!) some 17 years ago. My friend had been talking to an older woman who had had too much to drink and needed a ride home. My friend was afraid he would not be able to bow out gracefully and feel obliged to crash with her, so I came along as 'moral reinforcement'. We dropped her at her condo but refused to stay. She was upset but told us she had something for us and went inside while we waited on her stoop. She returned with 2 small books and insisted that we each take one. Mine was one of those tourist guidebooks with lots of pix of famous japanese gardens. I was already into vegetable gardening and horticulturte but seeing those pix reshaped my whole gardening mindset. I have an intensively planted garden of 1/3 acre but only a small corner is devoted to a 'japanese garden'. I am a master gardener and have done a few local (traditional) garden designs on the side. I am a member of NARGS and subscribe to JOJG. I have read everything I can get my hands on about Japanese gardening. My wife is a nurse; I/we hope she can do some international travel-nursing in Japan and I'll have the opportunity to study there. I aspire to be a full-time garden designer, especially Japanese gardens. And I know I need to learn some japanese .... can anyone recommend a "system" of study or appropriate books?


I cannot recommend a system to learn to speak Japanese but welcome to the forum. I believe you will enjoy it here.  It is always interesting reading with none of the BS that is sometimes found on other forums and discussion boards.  This is always a relaxing place to come and read for a while.



I'm so happy you have found this forum . I recall when I first did anything related to being online . The first time was with my sister saying that I was living too cloistered of a lifestyle all alone with my hobby of Japanese style garden interests . So she logged me onto a Japanese Gardening forum and helped me type my first posting .

That night when she was leaving for home I almost had a panic attack. I didnt even kow how to get back online if she left nor to find a website .

I believe I recall my very first posting title .

"Boulders with unexpected qualities" .  Or some such : )


Rick .


Welcome and we are glad you feel comfortable posting here.  We look forward to hearing more about your Japanese Gardening experiences. 

Cheers  June

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