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April 12, 2021, 11:29:10 AM


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Don Pylant, April, 2021

Don knots

Started by don, June 24, 2007, 09:32:56 AM

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Knowing what a joker Jack is I thought it was going to be a comedy skit with that friendly deputy Don Knots played.  But Instead of laughing I watched with amazement a clip showing in detail how to tie that cool knot.  Now that is a really cool piece of education.

Don you are really something, thanks.



It is a little bit of history where Edzard found I missed a knot on a fence and Jack pounced on it.

Thanks, June.  Its important to know these efforts are appreciated!



Hystory indeed, Don!

BTW, the fence, for I asked help and you sent  the picture, is still unfinished. Maybe one day...



I meant history!

Great video, I will practice, thanks Don.


Hay , do we get merrit badge credit for this ???
stuck in far west Texas where the cactus grow and it's HOT and DRY


Nice one, Don!

... but whaddya mean by: "pounced" ????? 



That's the guy Jack, but what no video??????????;)

Cheers, June


June -- I swear on my cyanosed complexion... that if a single scrap of footage exists of Barney Fife building a Kenninji-gaki..

I'll find it!  ; )


chuckling, well we all know I won't be holding my breath waiting to see that one!!!!


Hi all
when I visit to wholesale nusery and tag trees to pick up later date or deliverly , I make Otoko musubi onto the trees so that no one swich my tag. Once some untie the knot, he can't put it back the way I made knot.
Otoko=man, musubi= knot. other name is tusno musubi. horn knot. end of twin stick out 3/4 inch or so. you figure out name sake of  the knowt  ;D.  if end of knot hangs down sadly we are not calling it Otoko musubi .hehehe.

Otoko musubi is basic knot. Once you master otoko musubi , then you can make many other decorative knot you see in Japanese garden books.