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Japanese Gardening Organization - Board of Directors meeting

Started by don, August 08, 2013, 09:24:44 pm

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Japanese Gardening Organization will have a board meeting this Saturday, August 10, 2013.  If any forum members have ideas, questions, suggestions or comments for the board, please share with one of them.  Your participation is important.  Thanks!


K.T. Cannon-Eger

Time? Please let me know so I can schedule time to sit in the truck or over at Starbucks ... someplace I can get signal. Saturday morning at 7 a.m. is the Hilo Hongwanji big event of the season and Bill wants to be there before they open the doors. Fortunately, the temple and the nearby Starbucks have wifi.
Much aloha,


QuoteIf any forum members have ideas, questions, suggestions or comments for the board, please share with one of them.  Your participation is important.  Thanks!

-- participation is a considerable contribution (if not the greatest appreciated contribution) and this meeting also reflects if the Forum moves into Social Media and how, to what degree, as was brought up by Michaelinseattle.

There was also a facelift planned of the Front Page and the questions of which sections do not work and which do work. For example the 'Peoples Choice/Showcase of Japanese garden websites' exhibits garden techniques and key ideas in building and maintaining japanese gardens, has a high traffic hit count, however the techniques are not discussed much, leading me to believe that the techniques, methods and ideas are well understood by all.

And the next question I would have is: what would members like to see more of ? or suggestions of what should be...

my thanks to the many contributors that have grown this resource by sharing their hard learned information and experiences.
:.  What should we be contributing for you as a next step to continue to grow this resource?


I would like to see more social media interaction. An easier war to share images and review of old topics for newbies like me.  I started playing with a few options... I am not sure how interested the board is in such things...thanks... Michael


thanks Michael..
very interested.. please send to Don and i'd appreciate a cc, as I am the hold-out..    edzard

K.T. Cannon-Eger

I understand the value of Social Media and the way it can be connected with all other ways the organization chooses to go public -- links to a blog, the in-place electronic newsletter, etc.
Equally I understand the giant steps that must be taken to monitor social media so the site/presence doesn't get hijacked.
G'night from Hawaii,


Thanks Michael.  Social media benefits were discussed at the meeting and we definitely want to move ahead with this.  I believe Edzard will contact you about this when he has the chance.


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