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Don Pylant, April, 2021

Hello from North Wales

Started by Gazania, July 28, 2012, 02:27:56 AM

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Hi all, what a fantastic forum and website. I have read a lot of information so far and have a few questions I would like to add to the forum later.
I live in North Wales and have a small garden. A small part of it I have tried to incorporate a Japanese style. As the garden is small my Japanese section is looking a bit cluttered and busy at the moment but I am slowly spreading it out into the rest of the garden to make it more pleasing and restful.


Welcome to the forum.

When you get a chance ..... pictures please.




Hi John, thanks for the welcome.

After looking at other peoples gardens on the forum I think it would be embarrassing to post pics of my garden. Firstly, it is very very small. Secondly, it really is just a jumble of plants and stones at the moment. Perhaps after a while studying from you and others on the forum I might have something worth photographing.


Don't be embarrassed, we have all started somewhere.  Also if we see your space and what you now have perhaps our advice when you ask a question will be different.  Not all of us are in the same phase of knowledge about the Japanese Garden nor do we have gardens that are totally true Japanese Gardens.  I too am slowly adding more of a Japanese feel to a perennial flower garden that borders my Japanese Garden.  But I am not ready to give up the joy my flowers give me, so some views through my garden will include my flowers and others may frown on that, but I am not offended.  These spaces are our private sanctuaries and if you choose to only pay homage to a small area as a Japanese Garden then I respect your personal choice and I am sure others on our forum would agree.

And don't forget, small spaces are perfect for a Japanese Garden, so don't be shy.

Welcome to the forum.



Hi and thanks for the welcome Jando. I will take some pics then and start a gallery. Hopefully uploading pictures won't be too difficult.