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Hi from West Texas!

Started by gerronsh, October 28, 2011, 06:25:33 am

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I am a semi-retired preservation architect living in San Angelo.  I am moving across town to live and work in the Old Chicken Farm Art Center.  Between my apartment and studio is a fenced in garden space.  I want to create a Japanese garden in that space.  I created a Japanese garden next to a naural dry creek bed about fifty years ago when we were living in Napa Valley before going off to college.  I really enjoyed designing and constructing the garden and want to do it again.  I think I will create a dry water feature (raked gravel) as we are in a long term drought. I will also include a small basin of moving water to create that special sound.

My immediate question concerns constructing a daimyo fence.  What kind of bamboo is used to construct this type of fence?  I do not own the property so cost is a consideration.  Has anyone used something other than bamboo to create the appearance of a daimyo fence?

Gerron S. Hite


Welcome to the Forum!  I suppose you have noticed a slight difference between Napa and San Angelo?  ; )  Sounds like you have an interesting project ahead of you. I would direct you to japanesegardening.org and to the reference section.  There you will find a decent section on fences, including daimyo. I will post another answer to your question under the bamboo section below.

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