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Hello from Japan ^_^

Started by Tsuruyuki, May 12, 2011, 10:16:50 pm

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Hello everyone!

Firstly, I am not Japanese, I just live there.  ;) My fiance is Japanese though. It occured to me while I am living here I should take up a Japanese art and learn it right from the source! Unfortunetly my Japanese still needs a lot of work, but I haven't given up. After considering several wonderful arts, I -think- I have settled on Japanese Gardens. After I visited Kamakura for the first time, I was just blown away. I decided I want to learn the methods and techniques used to create such a beautiful and serene place. I already love growing plants, trying to bring green back into my life sense I am without a garden for a while (studio apartment). Japanese Gardens we're originally a back burner project until we can buy a house with a garden, but I was reading about miniature gardens or dish gardens. I wondered, why can't the techniques and methods used for making Japanese gardens be applied to a miniature garden? I can squeeze those into our apartment, and still study and practace at the same time! And I think they would be adorable too.

It won't be easy, especially finding the right plants that look proportionate, but not impossible! I really want to work at it, and I am getting my first one started right now. I am thinking about blogging the project because I think it will be very interesting. I hope it will be a good source of learning for me, and I hope I can get lots of advice from this forum for the project. Someday, I want to create a full size Japanese garden I can sit/stand in, but that will be a long time away. For now, hopefully i'll have a successful mini Japanese garden to share!

Nice to meet you all, it's so great to meet others with a simular interest!  :D


Youkoso, Tsuruyuki-san.  Dozo youroshiku onegiashimasu.  Your excitement is wonderful.  Where in Japan are you?



Kochira koso, dozo yoroshiku onigaishimasu Don-san  ;D (sorry for any mistakes!)

I am in Saitama prefecture, west of Tokyo  :)


Tsuruyuki, welcome...
btw, many garden techniques originated from dish gardens...
enjoy the creation of your gardens                edzard


Youkoso Tsuruyuki-san.  Hajimemashite.  Dozo youroshiku onegiashimasu.

Looking forward to seeing what happens with your interests.



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