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Hola from Philly

Started by kdzine, November 30, 2010, 10:28:12 pm

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Hello everyone!

I am new to the forum, and just starting getting interested in bonsai and moss gardening. I was wondering if anyone knew where to get moss spores or how to order real moss in order to transplant it. I would like to begin experimenting in a pot inside and then expand to the garden. Please let me know if you have any experience, or if not, what section of the forum is best to discuss this in.



welcome kdzine...
  :)   i suspect several people have at least some experience with moss and or bonsai..
the main topic Board to ask in would be 'other plants', if the question is bonsai, then under 'bonsai'. Though you could also search 'garden bonsai'.
for moss, one of the last topics was moss wall substrates.

as you ask about how to order 'real moss',  ;) are you saying that real moss does not grow in Philly?
I would think that moss is easy to find on the north side of most places in Philly...
   welcome to the forum..     edzard


From Fall to Spring, we're in moss heaven in Metro Vancouver. Nitobe Memorial Garden has nearly the same number of types of mosses as the the Moss Temple Saiho-ji aka koke-dera. Therefore, I'll stick to moss since I know little about bonsai. I'm with Edzard there must be moss somewhere in Philly! Note: there are mosses that prefer to grow on stone rather than earth. Although not as suitable, there is 'lawn moss' for lawns that would rather be moss gardens. If you can gather little plugs (most mosses are poorly anchored) from soil habitat and plant them 6 inches (15cm) apart in bare weed-free soil. Keep them well-watered and/or misted throughout the growing season. Alternatively, the ground can be sprayed with 50 water /50 buttermilk and/ or shredded dried or fresh moss (not peat moss!) can be broadcast on the soil so the spores can do their thang! Keep them well-watered and/or misted throughout the growing season--I repeat this for more than emphasis! 
On the internet, 'Moss Grower's Handbook' by Michael Fletcher is thorough treatise on moss growing available as a downloadable pdf.
Wishing you success in late Winter/Spring!


Tom, I have gathered moss from many places, all you need to do is try to match conditions you find the moss in to your sight you wish to transplant it.  The amount of sunlight and soil pH are probably the most important and take a little soil under the moss when get a starter piece.  I have found this really helps in the success rate of transplanting moss.  I just work up the soil and make sure the area is clean of debris and place the moss down and give it a good pat and plenty of rain water I have saved.  And don't let it get too dried out, water often in the beginning until it gets established.  If you start looking you will find moss everywhere, just open your eyes and you will be amazed what you find.

Good luck and welcome to our forum,



Welcome, Kdzine.  Good advice from those above.  I would throw in a book that is sure to open your eyes about mosses, and a good read too!  Everyone here that has read it has enjoyed it greatly.  "Gathering Moss" is available in the books section at www.japanesegardening.org .

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