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Hello! Jonesboro, AR

Started by chloeasha, August 03, 2010, 11:34:15 am

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Hi guys!  I'm Julianna, joining from (well soon-to-be-from) Jonesboro, AR.  We're moving there because my husband got into ASU for his PhD.  We've rented an apartment which we will move into on the 13th, and it has a 10x3 north-facing balcony.  He and I disagree quite often on gardening design, but we did agree that we would like a Japanese-style garden on the balcony.  The uncluttered and clean lines of design should lend itself well to a small space.  The only issue I am having is working with the no-direct-sunlight-north-facing-bright balcony I have.  

Jonesboro is a solid zone 7 (USDA) with a serious heat index.  The bright north side may end up being better than I imagine.  I'm originally from Las Vegas, so I am familiar with how light requirements change when the heat intensity rises :)

I've been scoping our bamboo, conifers, japanese maples, etc. and look forward to looking at your forum and seeing what others are doing and talking about.  



Welcome Julianna!  There is a topic on balcony gardens somewhere in the main forum.  If you cant locate it, i will see if i can find it for you.  That might be a good place to start.


I found it!  Thank you for the suggestion.  I did a search and got quite a few topics that were super-helpful.  I am working on a plan now to bring forth for inspection by the knowledgeable ones here shortly :)

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