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Hello from Santa Cruz, CA

Started by skylax, July 27, 2010, 07:26:53 pm

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My husband and I are in the process of building a redwood structure in the yard-sort of a cross between a teahouse and an azumaya. Not completely traditionally built (i.e, we are using screws and nails) but the function of providing a quiet place will be fulfilled. The site overlooks a year round stream. I am interested in seeing what kinds of plants I should consider to enhance it and walkways to lead to it. I've been reading and planning incessantly.

We recently completed building our own small (made of redwood) Japanese-ish style home. We built as "green" as was possible by using sustainable materials and recycled wood. And there are many traditional Japanese features. The setting is in a redwood forest on the central coast of CA. We have a simple Karesansui but most of our land is wild native redwood plants.............and redwood trees! I'd like the "teahouse" garden area to be something different and am interested in seeing what others have done in their gardens.

I will appreciate others' expertise and the benefit of their mistakes. For those who are familiar, I am in Zone 17 of the Sunset Western Garden Book.


Wow... sounds like a great place you have there!  Can't wait to see pictures.

I'm too new at this to be of too much use in helping much...... but this place is a great resource.  Welcome.




Hello Skylax.  Building without nails is pretty advanced and requires a serious knowledge of woods and joinery 99.9% of the population do not have, so there is not an expectation you would do so!  I am with John - please post photos. if you need help just ask.

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