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April 12, 2021, 10:28:22 AM


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Don Pylant, April, 2021


Started by kobold, June 05, 2010, 09:14:28 PM

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i am not a perfectionist, far from it. I only try to do good work and find the best answer.

you are 165cm tall:
then for an intimate gate (is this what you want? you did not say...)
the width is 1/2 to 2/3rd's your height = 83cm to 120cm wide
-- also depends on what goes in or out the gate.
a 7' interior space is good for most gates
Then add the drop of the roof from side view /\

the shallower the roof slope the gentler it looks.
at 8 feet for the old gate, then a shallow roof slope of 1 foot might work.
if nothing goes in or out, then make it smaller for comfort and go 6'6" opening and add 1'6" of roof slope. This equals 8'. (around 2 meters 60cm)
Please note that this size is suddenly the same size as a northern tatami mat. This means the width is a known ratio for a person.
Then 1 meter wide would be good for one person and one meter 60cm would be good for 2 people.

I hope this helps        edzard


your measurement F,
is irrelevant because the slope determines the roof width or coverage.
I do not have enough information of how much roof coverage you need.

the only measure, is what you see from the side and it is one foot six inches high and seven feet of headroom.
What angle from a side view is gentle to you?



yes, it helps!
Intimate gate? We can call that, it is not a grandiose front gate, it  is not inside the garden leading into a special place but at the back, mostly out of sight, but in the view from the house.
Our garden is a woodland garden, wild, lots of rocks, driftwood and cedar branches used for rails and support. The whole area is under work now, but here is an example.


I found some beautiful gates, but this too are the most we like and goes with our style.


this one is smaller, I like it, but the lattice on the gate.  Our builder is trying to get the natural posts for it.


Andrea, is the first photo of the three you posted in your garden?  And if so I think it is very cool the way the material was used.




yes, it is. Cedar branches have amazing curved, bending shape. When people cut down or top these trees in our neighborhood  I  ask for the branches and use them. When I built these steps all by myself 10-15 years ago ( and all the rock work ) I had lots of energy.  Not any more! Here is an other rail from the garden.


I don't even know where to start!  After planing the project, finding somebody to build it, actively participating, now just more work to finish the landscape around it, I can say that the Japanese gate is finished.
We had lots of problems. The builder we used can work in construction, but he isn't a woodworker. I emailed sketches, pictures to him, but he didn't look at it. I had to be there, correct him ( you can imagine him to be happy!), change the damaged boards he wanted to use, etc. He missed to measure the fence panels correctly, we had to move the gate further, into the rhododendron bush almost, otherwise the two panels next to the gate would have to be different size. For everything I criticized he said "oh, you wont see that". I assured him that I see and notice everything. But we survived it, at the end I just got tired to argue with him or ask him to redo things. The same guy made that dark brown fence what I posted at the beginning of this tread. It is so different if you can do it for yourself, give the time to do correctly.   

Now we have to work on the stairs, stepping stones, plants he destroyed.  As you can see from the pictures, we loved the cedar, didn't want to stain yet, we will see.

Had a wonderful time in July visiting my son in  W.Australia, fishing, traveling. Now heading to Europe for 4 weeks, the landscape can wait .




Andrea, sounds like you were living a nightmare.  Enjoy your vacation.



Perhaps Terry can post the information on his gate.  It's one of the nicest I have seen and is very close to what they have in Japan


Quote from: kobold on June 05, 2010, 09:18:25 PM

What kind of trees are between the deck and the fence?


She may still be travelling, but i am going to guess they may be maples?