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how do I post a picture here?

on the bottom left is a + Additional Options,
click on that and a field opens through which you can attach photo's..
256k maximum.          edzard

The first try, the file was too large.  I emailed to myself which brought it down to 61.6KB.  I broused for that file and copied and paste the file into the body of the post.  I put the image brackets around it and I get a small box with a red X.  What am I missing?

perhaps one can copy and paste into the post, though that is not the usual way of doing this...
ideally, one clicks the 'additional options' at the bottom left under the text box, a field opens where you then click choose file, which leads you to your desktop, then folder or wherever you keep the image, and if you click on the image, it automatically adds the file to the post.


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