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Quoted from Admin post.

This bulletin board system can generate RSS feeds for your RSS reader, if you wish to use one to keep up with the latest posts.

This url will give you the 20 latest posts on;sa=recent;limit=20;type=rss2

Simply copy the url into your RSS reader and it will keep itself up to date.

Would it be possible to modify the URL of the RSS feed so that we could include our userid? I.E. ;userid=gregoryjohn   When a userid is found in the URL the RSS feed would be modified to only generate the items 'unread since last visit', otherwise it would function as decribed above.

Just a suggestion,

Here is a link to the board software's help site, specifically to the discussion of RSS feeds. They get in-depth with what you can do with the urls to customize the RSS results.

Unfortunately, I did spy this on that page:

--- Quote ---Currently there is no XML/RSS feed for unread posts. Sorry.
--- End quote ---



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