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Blaine, (Jack) thanks for the enjoyable picture show..!
I think I sorta get the drift, but what is a RSS feed..
Who would be likely to have one?
(posted here, since I can not reply to enquire to your advisement of the RSS feed post)
       thanks...        edzard

RSS is an acronym for "Really Simple Syndication."

It's a way that you can "subscribe" to a list of the latest posts on this and other boards and select them via their headline link.

Here's the explanation posted on the Honolulu Star-Bulletin newspaper site (I'm that site's webmaster -- my "real" job)



Yes, thanks Blaine for the slideshow..... but Blaine,  you didn't use 'Midnight in Moscow' as accompaniment  -- why ? 

Kidding aside, I like that music -- it reminds me of a similar shingetsu style CD I have by Tadashi Tajima --- very soothing.

I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with the Japanese garden family or art, nor am I familar with "Midnight in Moscow," and I am sooo sorry, but the joke went completely over my head!! (It sounds funny, but I'm clueless!)

The reason I chose that music has to do with the "creative commons license" which I linked to at the bottom of the screen. What that means is that we may use his music without compensation as long as we link to the license and to the web site where I got it. It's a copyright thing.

 :D No worries, Blaine

'Midnight in Moscow' is a very lively, catchy tune -- and the joke (I guess) is the incongruity if it were to be used in conjunction with those images...

Your choice, on the other hand, of the plaintive sounds of the Japanese flute was a perfect choice...

This is the CD I mentioned -- very similar to what you chose, and perfect for those special meditative moments .. in case anyone is interested


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