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I would like for the location of the person to be placed by their name. Example: Steve-Texas. This would help us to know the environment of the gardener and would also help us to understand their growing problems and benefit per location.

Steve, I agree that would be useful.  Unfortunately this software does not put location and name together that I know of.  I will look into it.

Then why not change "niwahshi" to the location of the person, since it is implied?

niwashi is a category.  There are permissions associated with categories that preclude its use as place of origin.  But...

Let's experiment - anyone that wishes to can go to their profile and enter their location in where it says "custom title".  It will display as mine does under my name.  How's that, Steve?

Hi, I had my location in personal text, showing it under my kanji stamp.
Now its in "custom title".... and added my name in signature.


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