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Author Topic: J garden workshop at Boston area.  (Read 2534 times)


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J garden workshop at Boston area.
« on: May 27, 2008, 08:45:10 PM »
Hi all
I am moving to noth of Boston. It took me for awhile to move.  I will be Salem, MA next week.
 If someone /anyone intrest in J garden workshop please let's me to know.
Topic can be anything. History of Japanese garden, pruning, handling boulder manuary, tools you can make your self, such as bamboo bloom,sand rake,and many more,maintain own tool properly, bamboo fencing. propagation, how to kill trees,weed or other wayaround/ save plants, tree or my fovor subject/relationship between Budhhism and Japanese garden .

I have to find a job first to make living.  then find place to teach.  Class will be slow pace and long hour and no slide show. you are going to get your hand dirty. you can leave the class any time but can't be late at time of class start. no exception. No matter how far you come from. I will send you back. ( when I offer you free class)
 if you are paying to attend class , then it is ok to late  at your loss. ;D