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Japanese Gardens to see on Oahu, HI

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K.T. Cannon-Eger:
Don: The lace-up ankle brace fits inside rubber boots! Today we are rained out for work outside so I am inside trying to make sense out of my messy desk. Still more blog articles to write. Bill is three gardens ahead of me in processing his photos.
As for photos of public gardens on Oahu, I have Byodo-in in Kaneohe, the garden at the East-West Center, and the in-terrible-shape Kyoto Gardens at a cemetery in Honolulu.

All in time...

Thanks to you and Bill for all the lantern pics.  I was going to process them and reorganize the lantern reference in JGO but somehow the weekend disappeared!

Thanks for all!

Thanks Don, it was interesting to watch all the skilled work being done and the ceremonies.


K.T. we may have to check this one out this Christmas.  We are in the planning stages of a return trip to Hawaii this season.

K.T. Cannon-Eger:
Are you planning to visit the island of Hawaii aka "The Big Island"?
Let us know please.


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