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4-21-18 Bloedel Reserve lecture by Koichi Kobayashi


Stories of Five Gardens: The Legacy of Japanese Gardens in North America
Lecture featuring Koichi Kobayashi
Urban Designer and Landscape Architect

Join us Saturday, April 21st as Bloedel welcomes Koichi Kobayashi, Japanese-American Urban Designer, and Landscape Architect.

Koichi will discuss the history of Japanese Gardens in North America, new trends in gardening techniques, Japanese Gardens in the context of the history of American Internment Camps and future trends. After the lecture, Mr. Kobayashi will be available to answer questions.

WHEN: Saturday, April 21st at 11am
WHERE: The Bloedel Residence
TICKETS: $12/member, $28/non-member (admission to Bloedel is included)
Click here to purchase tickets for the Saturday 4/21 Lecture

About Koichi Kobayashi

Koichi Kobayashi (?? ?? ) is a Japanese-American landscape architect who has been engaging in a broad field of landscape architecture ranging from designing intimate Japanese Gardens to developing community urban designs globally. He is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, and Kyoto University and has over 40 years of experience. Currently he is the principal of Kobayashi Design based in Seattle, Washington and Honorary Professor and Senior Research Fellow at the Eimei University of California.


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