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North American Japanese Garden Association Biennial Conference- Chicago

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North American Japanese Garden Association:

--- Quote from: edzard on September 17, 2014, 09:28:18 AM ---btw.,, the NAJGA online leaflet states that the hotel bookings are full..   ?
               .. but I booked the conference hotel and got a room at the conference pricing.. did more rooms become available? Does that mean the conference is almost fully booked?

--- End quote ---

Hi Edzard, we really meant it when we said that your summary was very well-written. Your approach to the topic couldn't be more compelling. I get to handle all the content that conference presenters provide us so has a basis for comparison. 

About your conference hotel question, we have a second hotel for conference attendees to consider: Sheraton Chicago Northbrook Hotel. You can call the hotel directly at (847) 480- 900 and reference "NAJGA", or go to link below to start on-line reservation: 




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