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Moss Gardening, Aesthetic Pruning, Small Stone Design Chicago Workshop


North American Japanese Garden Association:
This workshop will provide participants a unique opportunity to be a part of revitalizing a historic Japanese garden in the Chicago area, the Garden of the Phoenix (formerly known as the Osaka Garden) in Jackson Park. It is divided into three segments tackling small stone applications for pathways and nobedan, aesthetic pruning for specimen trees and moss gardening. Our workshop instructors are John Powell and Hironori Kamoshita (small stone design), Mary Ann Lewis, Greg Kitajima and Grant Foerster (aesthetic pruning), Dale Sievert and Rick Smith (moss gardening).

This is a pre-conference event to the 2014 North American Japanese Garden Association (NAJGA) Biennial Conference happening at the Chicago Botanic Garden from October 16 to 18:  Workshop registration is open to all conference attendees and one (1) guest. To register for the conference and the workshop, go to

Members of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) can earn 3.0 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) from participating in this workshop. CEUs are also available for selected workshops and lectures during the conference proper.


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