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Pete San,

Ezio and Tuli (The cats) are all good, Tuli had an embarrassing swimming disaster when she was younger and Ezio is very calm so they are quite content roming n their little jungle!

The grass i believe was Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens'. I got it so as to grow it over the sides to hide the ugly plastic tub!

We will move in 3 years or so and I hope to create a KOI river similar to Rokashu Cafe in Kyoto which another member is looking to emulate. Our old koi are with my Father in law till that day!

If you have any KOI shots/ pond shots i would be most keen to see them.

All the best,


K.T. Cannon-Eger:
Wonderful to see your efforts and to hear of the results of your trip to Japan. I recall your inquiries prior to your journey.
I have a few entries on koi on my blog -- I really should have more as there are some outstanding photos just waiting for me to have the time to post the story that goes with them!
But, meanwhile, here is a link to a few mentions in the U.S.:
Much aloha,


The koi look mega and yes our trip to Japan was all we wanted and more. The style of Tsubo-Niwa was in abundance in Kyoto and I could certainly drum up a Tsubo-Niwa list of places to go for anyone who has this particular interest as there is no exact tour provided, well not for cheep!

All the best


Johnny,  Anything to help with moral!!!

If you click on the world ball under the number of posts I have made, it will take you to a web site I made several years ago showing the building of our garden.  Unfortunately because I am not computer savvy I lost the ability to update it when we got a new computer. 

We will be putting a for sale sign out soon for our home and be moving to a condo. One nice thing is our realtor told us the pool area and garden would sell our home. 

I will miss my garden but hopefully the landscape around the condo will give me the amount of garden space I can maintain easily.  It will also offer a new garden to work in and create!  Sad...but looking forward to new opportunities in the future.  I now know how George felt when he moved and left his garden behind.

I have been thinking what plants I would like to move and of course this will be done next year before it is listed.  I think the arched bridge and lanterns will also be moving.  Sorry I got off track and perhaps I was even whining a bit!

Stay safe,

Jando, that has to be such a hard decision. I know how much heart you have in that garden.  Yet the place where you are moving sounds like it has nice spaces to create the type of intimate spaces the Japanese merchant homes often feature.  When you are ready, i have the name of a book for you that i use for inspiration on such spaces!

Unfortunately some animal has discovered my koi ponds and i have lost my two largest koi and the little black one named Anikin.  Either that or they achieved the legendary dragon status in the night and flew away!



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