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Thanks Don,

I would love the name of that book. 
Bumber, I prefer to think your Kio are in flight.  Perhaps a baited live trap is in order just in case that is not so.


Keep us posted about your progress.  I have been dreaming about Koi or even gold fish for a few years.  Hopefully I will get there and have some in my home garden too.  And I wish you peace and safety in the future. And high morale and for all.   

So sorry to hear of your koi loss.  I only had six little gold fish.  Losing them was difficult.  I was thinking more about incorporating a dragons gate in the front courtyard garden...  And digging deeper...   I would love the name of that book too.   You know me, making my list of list of  list of things to do. :)

Your garden will continue to give joy to the world.  Thank you for sharing it.  Is there a way I can try to help you regain access to the website?  Perhaps I can do something to rehome it or something like that for you.  It would be an honor to try.

.... Michael in Seattle


Thank you for the Globe-link! I gotta say I really like the garden! I love the stream and I reckon your move will be a new canvas to work your art.

The stream plan is something to look forward to on our next place!

The Granite has to go with you! I was thinking of holding on to ours as family heirlooms, so new generations can continue the garden. One such example of this was on our recent Japan trip where a Grandfather had done just that. They have a blog....this garden is beautiful and i would defo recommend a stay there if u can.

PS Thankyou Michael Morale has been great with the photos but also hooking up with your Navy Seals guys for volleyball when we've had down time!



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