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please send any thoughts or take any ideas from our little garden!


ps koi are moved on as soon as they are too big. These guys go next summer

You have created quite a nice visual and audio haven in a very small space.  It is well thought out, I think, meeting many needs. I like that you have a view from your home and love the sound of your water feature.  I wondered about the Koi, so thanks for the anticipated answer.

 Thank you for sharing,

Jando San,

Thanks for your comments; my wife has done well to keep the garden going while I am out on the final tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Claire and I have been to Kyoto in early spring, specifically to visit Tsubo-Niwa. We got really lucky as we not only went to a load of places I earmarked from Mizuno's books ..Small Places and Town Houses (think thats the names). Then it got crazy, we got invited to private Kimono makers and so on by chance. The Samurai Gardens down in Satsuma.

Fortunately Claire's father has a large Koi pond, so we have sent Koi that way already and when we have a family Inshalla we will try and emulate a large river/koi pond piece we saw in Rokashu Cafe, Kyoto to get our big guys back!

Ill try and send some of our holiday snaps FYI.

If you have any garden shots i'd love to see them, it will be good morale out here!

All the best and glad to have chatted!


Pete E.:
Very calming place.  Nice job.

I assume your beautiful cats are well behaved and possible vegetarian... :)

Is that Mondo grass you used to line the edge of the pond ?


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