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Hello From East Bay Area, CA

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Pete E.:

Thank you for allowing me to join the Forum.

My wife and I live in the East Bay area, east of San Francisco, CA - USA.  Our summers are very hot (90's to 100's F.) and winters are cool, some freezes, and light snow every 3-4 years.

Late in 2011, we decided to design and re-do our front yard.  We did all the work ourselves and the design on our computer.

I chose a "Garnet" Japanese maple for its heat tolerance and placed it in the shade of 2 existing Sycamore trees to give it some protection from hot sun.

Here are some progress photos of the yard project and the JM tree during its first 2-3 years of growth in its new home :

Pete E.:
More photos :

Pete E.:
More photos :

Pete E.:
Last photos :

Pete E.
....... welcome to the forum..
you and yours have certainly put in a significant amount of work and it looks to be growing in very well..
a question though: I see the trunks on the maple tied together..
why is this, -- perhaps they were splitting ? or  ?
welcome, once again..   edzard


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