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Introducing the japanese garden centre


Hi all,

At the Japanese Garden Centre we have been supplying materials and building Japanese gardens for 25 years. We are
a small family run business based in Kent, England. We are here to offer advice and problem solving to fellow Japanese
garden enthusiasts.

For more information about us feel free to ask or visit

Welcome to the Forum.  I tried to get to the website and it did now work. :( 

When you get it to work, it might be even better to associate the web link with your personal profile.  That way.. whenever you post here.. a person can click on your name and then find your website.... Just post alot.. (Michael in Seattle says... trying in a not too subtle way.. to encourage your participation :) )

Any particular topics on the forum you find of great interest?  I wanted to look at your website real quick and provide a summary.. but alas... I could not get there..  :(

Thanks... Michael

Hi Michael,

The website is on-line so to speak. I must have typed the address in wrong.

Ah, it worked just now, I had accept a cookie setting or something, but I was able to get through thanks. 

I see your about 60 minutes from Central London.

In the About area I see someone (Howard) attended a seminar at the Research Center for Japanese Garden Art in Kyoto, Japan.  Is there something you can share about the seminar.  I have always wanted to attend one, but I have been unable to get to one yet. :(

Glad to have your participation in the JGO forums!  Since you are a commercial entity, please consider becoming a sponsor of JGO or contributing to the online resources by submitting articles and such.

Welcome again!


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