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  • Rediscovering Lacquer - Portland Japanese Garden: June 14, 2014

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Re-discovering Lacquer: 12 Artists Reinvent a Timeless Tradition

June 14 – July 16, 2014
Pavilion Gallery
Garden Hours
Included with Garden Admission
With the arrival of summer, the Garden will present Re-discovering Lacquer: 12 Artists Reinvent a Timeless Tradition (June 14–July 6). Natural lacquer (or urushi) has been used since ancient times as a durable surface coating to preserve and decorate tools, tableware, furniture, and even architecture. One of the oldest and most sustainable of natural materials in the world, this remarkable substance comes from the sap of the sumac tree. It is produced only in limited regions in the world, mainly Asia, and its application is highly labor-intensive and costly. Due to its remarkable resistance to water, acid, heat and insects, urushi is the best quality surface-coating that exists on earth—at once beautiful and durable.
With the new attention to lacquer as an art form worldwide, this exhibition considers masterworks of traditional Japanese lacquer compared with new directions being explored by contemporary lacquer artists who are creating products that enhance both convenience and quality in modern life. Artists include renowned architect Kengo Kuma, whose modern tiered lacquer shelf echoes the form of an 18th century tea cabinet.
Featured Artists:
Koichiro Kimura (Designer)
Gang Yang Park (Artist)
Masako Ban (Designer)
Shinya Yamamura (Artist)
Yukio Hashimoto (Designer)
Naomi Kamata (Artist)
Kengo Kuma (Architect/Designer)
Satoshi Umeno: Amano Shikki (Designer)
Kosho Tsuboi (Designer)
Hiromatsu Saito (Artist)
Heigo Sato (Designer)
Gallery Shili Tokyo (Designer)
The Art in the Garden exhibition series is supported by grants from The James F. & Marion L. Miller Foundation, William G. Gilmore Foundation, the Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust, and the Jackson Foundation.