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  • Matsuri Spring Festival - Hakone J.G. Saratoga, CA: May 18, 2014

Author Topic: 5-18-14 Hakone J.G. - Matsuri (Spring Festival)  (Read 999 times)


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5-18-14 Hakone J.G. - Matsuri (Spring Festival)
« on: January 30, 2014, 07:52:15 PM »
Matsuri (Spring Festival)   May 18 2014 11 4 pm
Each year, on third Sunday of May, the Hakone Supporting Committee organizes a spectacular event that is the talk of the Bay Area.

Highlights include Japanese Calligraphy demonstration on a large canvas, Mochitsuki (Mochi pounding) performance, Tsugaru Shamisen and Shorinji Kempo, silent auction, etc. Matsuri also features games and music bands. The food booths sell a variety of grilled food, Ramen, rice, and drinks. A wide variety of bands participate, and there are amazing demonstrations of arts and crafts.