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Hi from Philippines

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New here in the forum but I share a common interest with you- love of Japanese garden. My garden still a work in progress. Will post some photos ASAP. Thanks

Welcome!  We would love to see some photos.  Do you have a favorite Japanese Garden in the Philippines you visit?

Enjoy the Forum.... If you have any questions, let me know. I am always willing to help if I can.... Michael

That's great. Thank you so much. I need more information regarding small rock garden to be put on entry gate. Pictures are welcome

Do you have pictures of your garden you can post? 

Everyone has their own way of deciding what they want/like in their garden.  I am have been learning to focus on feeling first. 
Is there a feeling that comes to you when you are present to your entry/garden? 
Is there a feeling you want more of in your entry/garden? 
If you could close your eyes and imagine a perfect small rock garden in on you entry gate, how would you feel when you saw it?  When you first arrived home.   Maybe after you had been observing it for an hour or two. 

Have you read books on rock gardening?  I have been researching it myself and putting up a few reference books I have reviewed.  I will try to think of ones having to do with smaller entry type gardens.   Until then you might try looking through the papers and publications area to start.  Looking forward so seeing a picture of two.  ;D

Welcome Yomiuri,
I have lived in the Philippines, mostly Oriental Mindoro and Baguio.  In which area do you live and garden?


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