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  • Nikk Yuko - Artists in the Garden: September 14, 2013

Author Topic: 9-14-13 Nikka Yuko Lethbridge, Alberta, CA - Artists in the Garden  (Read 916 times)


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Artists in the Garden


Saturday, September 14, 2013

On September 14th Nikka Yuko will host a silent auction featuring work which has been created over the summer by local artists. To date we have 19 Lethbridge and Area artists whom will be producing two pieces, each, for auction. As photos of the art are submitted, a brochure will be developed for distribution, a copy of it will be available on the Nikka Yuko website. The artists will be using various mediums from water colour to oils and acrylics, all renderings will be of Nikka Yuko. Below is a list of the artist’s names.

Alex Bakk
Amy Dodic
Anneli Haataja-Janssen
Carol Berner
Cheryl Fujikawa
Cindy Welsh
Gail Brown
Gaylen Armstrong
Gayle Russell
Gerard Pletel
Henry Sullivan
Helen Franiel
Janet Sheen
Karina Mak
Katherine Rasmussen
Linda Richards
Pam Coolidge
Sue Wilkie
Valerie Elias