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Recording Secretary and Forum Representative/Ombudsman

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Yes!  The forum representative or liason makes themselves available to the members of the forum for comments, suggestions, complaints, etc.  It is a way for the board to hear from the members on how things are going in the forums and how to make them better.  The comments can be anonymous or not depending on the desires of the member.

Thanks, Michael.

Thanks Don,
I am willing to give it a go as a Forum Representative.  Maybe for 6 months or a year to try it out if that is OK?

Thanks, Michael!  Let me take it to the board and i will get right back to you.


Michael, it seems that some of the board are traveling or out of touch for now so it took a while.  We are happy to accept your offer of serving as JGO's Forum Representative.  Thanks!!!


Don (and the board),
Thank you.  Let me know how/where to start.   

Anybody out there on the forum,
If you have any question or things I can help with.  Just let me know.  Thanks... Michael


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