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Recording Secretary and Forum Representative/Ombudsman

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welcome Michael... I always wondering why the term was not Omnibuddysperson.. ?
-- its good (for me) just to know that people have representation if they have suggestions or issues they may feel are difficult to bring up to the Board or between any persons and so on...   thank you for taking the position..   edzard

Thanks Michael.  Edzard will be sending you the 475 page contract soon.  ; )

p.s.  I will send you some notes on the job and we will do a better announcement too!

475 pages contract.  Yikes!   ;D   8)

To be serious, thank you again, Michael.  The simple truth is you are there to hear the opinions, comments, suggestions and complaints of the forum members, anonymous or otherwise, then share it with the board of JGO. 

All of us on all levels of JGO are working hard to create and maintain a productive and successful place to share knowledge, discuss ideas, and ask or answer questions about Japanese gardening or Japanese gardens. It is important that there is a flow of information and feedback so that JGO and the forums can grow and improve.

Thank you again for your help here and your efforts to improve the forums and Japanese Gardening Organization.

K.T. Cannon-Eger:
Ombudsman is a wonderful title to add to your growing resume, Michael.



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