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Hi from Santa Barbara, CA



Happy to connect with so many folks with strong interests in Japanese gardening! I'm wondering if anyone can refer me to a craftsperson who has the skill to build a traditional japanese fence and gate?  Preferably from central or southern California, as I live in Santa Barbara.

Many thanks!

Hi gardenstgirl. You might try looking at joe woods stuff. As I recall he is in CA. A quote from one of his posts is below

--- Quote from: Joe Wood on February 12, 2013, 03:18:05 PM ---
Although I hardly ever post here I'd like to share some of my Japanese 'Style' projects and Designs.
Maybe this will encourage me to post more and add to the discussions :-)

I know most of my designs aren't really done in a true 'Japanese Style' but I try and capture the proportions, balance and harmony I see in so many Japanese structures. I do employ some
traditional joinery, but I've designed these using mainly Western Style building techniques.

--- End quote ---

K.T. Cannon-Eger:
You might ask at Anzen Hardware in Los Angeles -- they had plenty of tips and tools when we visited there last October.
Best wishes,

Drop a PM to Chris (above under My Messages), one of the board of Directors here with JGO.  He is a Japanese carpenter on the east coast but probably has connections near you.  He is kikujunjo in the forum.



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