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It may not seem like much to all the folks who know more about gardening than I.  But I wanted to share this little success. 

Two years ago I found out I had Iris in the yard after living here for about 10 years.  One bloomed, so suddenly I knew it was not simply tall seasonal grass.  I fed it, watered it. And no flowers the next year.  I learned it needed more light, so I moved half the mass last fall.  And now this year, I have 20+ flowering.   ;D  And they are already moved to the back yard....  where a future stream/pond area will be.  I am a happy gardener.  Dreaming of Koi some day.

I thought I would share my joy.  Happy Gardening.  8)

K.T. Cannon-Eger:
beautiful...thanks for sharing this photo and the news of multiplying irises

2013 Summer Growth in the garden:
New things for the garden. Hostas have achieved flowering for the first time. Himalayan maidenhair fern have returned from winter (and I added a few more). Right near July 4th the humming birds and Crocosmia have emerged.

If you would like to see more pictures, they are visible from a public share on facebook below.

Happy Gardening!!!

K.T. Cannon-Eger:
lovely...and thanks for the FB album.
wish we could grow hosta here in Hawaii, but I haven't found the right climate for them even at 4,000 feet in the Volcano golf course subdivision. plus there are those voracious slugs and snails!
best wishes with your lovely garden,

I thought I would share one collage image from my garden from the last few weeks. A few snapshots of the garden in fall colors and snow.  These pictures are from about the last 12 weeks.  As autumn came and winter set in.  I just love that within the compression of a few weeks the bright hue of autumn turned into the pure white of winter.

Even though I did not do alot to modify the garden around the house this year it feels like it is maturing.  A special thanks to all those on the forum for contributing ideas and always helping me improve as the garden and I grow together.

I managed to get out into the garden and clean it a bit on the first day of 2014.  I saw the first snowdrop flower had emerged at the same time as the last maple leaf still clung to the tree.  It was wonderful.

I took the time to observe the reflection of the trees in a dew drop, the sun warming and drying freshly fallen leaves, snow gently accumulating on the lanterns and buds that had tucked themselves in for the winter.

The newest garden members, the inspiring waterfall stone and beginnings of the karesansui ocean for Galápagos looked wonderful blanketed in snow.

Words to express how I feel in the garden are difficult to summarize. Last time I tried I came simple expression in words of how I would like it to unfold in the future the following words came to mind:

* Sublime, Open, Transcend followed by Calm, Fragile, Unified/Connected Balance. 
* With the image of  a small tree, a force of life, making its way up between the massive rocks. The rocks themselves covered in moss and life. In the picture below the small tree is paired so nicely with the giant pines in the background. They dip down from the sky to complete the picture.

This was only visible for moments as the mist across the lake lifted and the sun came through. Brief like our time here. Brief and Precious, Open... The dappled texture of moss/lichen on rocks. So similar to dappled sunlight through the leaves in the summer. I cannot seem to resist, they beckon me...
I think 2013 in the garden made progress in those directions.  I feel it captured a little bit of that in the dew drop picture.. and of course the "drop" in the karesansui ocean... A special thanks to all those on the forum for contributing ideas and always helping me improve as the garden and I grow together.

If your interested in seeing a few more pictures.... They are online here in the MichaelsGardenProgress area of Facebook I set up.

If you want to get updates of my facebook page on your Facebook news feed, simply "like" the top level page. Comments are always welcome.  On the forum and off.

Thanks and Happy Gardening in the new year..... Michael


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