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--- Quote from: Michaelinseattle on April 04, 2014, 09:53:01 PM ---Hi All,
I like to upload a picture now and again of my garden here in my intro thread.  This year I managed to catch spring emerging with the maples and a few other plants.  I hope you all enjoy the Collage from Spring 2014. :)

If you would like to see a few more images...  I posted some on my MichaelsGardenProgress on Facebook

--- End quote ---

Vau Michael!


Still forward successfully!

Best regards!  zvone

A few snapshots/updates from North East corner showing 2015 progress in the garden. 

I had to Adjust supports for the weeping atlas cedar to accommodate the 3 years of growth and continue it's flow into the north/side yard.  Also, I fine tuned level of side yard meeting the front yard in the North East portion of the garden (where lantern is in water). 

Wide panorama shot:

The high spot of the tsukubai to the right (East) of the Atlas Cedar flows nicely to water the Cedar.  This will be reworked in the future since so much growth has happened in the last few years.  The overflow will go directly to the maple tree on the downhill/left.

Other Images below:
I set the Lantern foundation to be covered with one layer of black pebbles to simulate what will happen in heavy rain.   the water comes forward to the edge about 3 pebbles back from the scalloped crushed granite pathway and descends to water the maple in the neighbors yard that sometimes gets too dried out in the summer.  There is a spot on the north side of the house for resting and looking out on this from across the moss and various ferns.  In the morning, bird song, shadows, breeze, dripping water, humming birds on the Crocosmia. 

A few little sort videos to show what it is like with a bit of morning motion.

More pictures on FB for those with interest.   

If you like Black Pebbles, there is a forum post here with more pictures of  Black Pebble/Beach ~ Nature Inspiration

Happy Gardening...  :)


Thanks for posting pictures. Would you be willing to interpret one of photos? I would be interested in learning how you put one of your designs together.


Of course. 8)  I am going to be off line a bit.  But as questions. I will do my best to answer.  :)

Continuing to improve the existing Tsukubai after repair to the stonework and landscape from this falls major garden installation.  This little area has become a tsubo mini garden that includes many waterfall stones I have collected it controls water flow in the north east corner of the property. 

Tsukubai ~ waterfall stone tsubo mini garden images:


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