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The Garden in London....

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Hello guys! I was supposed to show everyone my C-Yard Garden, but have only just got a short vid done, its pretty much there, but as you guys will appreciate there is always room for improvement, thus if anyone sees things and thinks of a better idea please share! Any ways hope you like it. Ciao for now ! Johnny  ;)

Yoyo this sis the garden recently, good times

I became a little dizzy watching the the video. Do you have a few stills?  Or a slower moving video?

What is the feeling you have when you go into your garden?  Is there something you wish it had more or less of?

Thanks for sharing.... Michael

K.T. Cannon-Eger:

--- Quote from: Michaelinseattle on November 07, 2013, 08:16:57 PM ---Johnny,
I became a little dizzy watching the the video. Do you have a few stills?  Or a slower moving video?

--- End quote ---

Dizzy? Yes, me too.
It's a real trick to show everything you've spent so much time and energy putting in to your garden at a pace people can absorb. I've had to slow down video I shoot and attempt to keep my camera either at one level or changing direction slowly and smoothly.
Yet I appreciate your desire to have a short video.
It will be interesting to watch your garden develop. Please keep posting.
Much aloha,

Hi there KT and Michael,

Dizzy, lol one of my Pashto instructors was laughing about the music and camera work!

M, the feel is mega calming with an enclosed bit with a mini koi pond and then far end is brighter with a stroll foresty feel.

Yes M, I am on the case with taking and adding...always as you guys will appreciate! Its operation kill the grass and encourage moss. I have cut the grass through the winter to get this going and being London its really quite moss prone, apparently gardeners are all kicking off here due to lawns being hit with Japanese moss....bonus!

I shall attach a few shots this weekend as a Kyoto style bark fence is a lovely new addition! but heres one any way.

You guys got any shots of your gardens to share?

Johnny  8)


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