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Hi from POLAND

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I’m   Sebastian from  Poland ( southern part ).

It’s a great pleasure to join a group of Japanese gardening enthusiasts from whole world.

My passion is a Japanese Garden and the plants deriving from far EAST.

I’m the owner of ornamental plants nursery in third generation, so I produce and sell decorative plants to other people. ( conifers, deciduous and “rhododendron group” plants and of course Japanese maples, jap azaleas, niwaki pine trees etc, etc.

I collect Japanese maple ( mostly acer palmatum, shirasavanum, japonicum ) and japanese dwarf azaleas  ( about 30 varieties coming from my own production)

I have found Japanese gardens interesting during my trip to some bonsai nursery in Czech Republic many years ago and so it started….  ( books, articles, movies, dvd… ) ?  fully  infected  by  Japan ?

Few years ago I have decided to join my business with my passion and build a tea house pavilion surrounded by garden.
Garden design, rocks setting and planting are my own but the garden is still under construction…
( about  60 % of accomplishment ), each year I try to make some new part of that garden after gathering some suitable rocks, plants and money ?  )… I have one rule in gardening… NO RUSH …

I have harsh, frosty winters, about –25’C / –27’C so many Japanese plants  in my garden are tested by the Greater Judge… Nature ?  ( spring time  throwing away dead ones often happens ) 

I’m want to learn more about Japanese gardens…. So I travel and listen wiser and more experienced people which want  to share their knowledge with younger generation. 

( sorry for my english... )

Sebastian, Poland 

 ;D   ;D  Sebastion...  looks like we may need to learn a few things from you..... and there is always more to learn.. and if you have patience for us, then perhaps you might answer some questions about growing plants, training material in Europe and your experiences building your 'tea house'...   
very impressive, and your english is very good..        welcome  !              edzard

george in the uk:
Hi Sebastian,
Welcome to the forum,

george in the uk:
Hi Sebastian,
I welcomed you to the forum before I looked at your photo's, all I can say is that they are brilliant I shall look forward to seeing your garden projects.

K.T. Cannon-Eger:
Brilliant photos. I look forward to seeing more of your garden and your maples.


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