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Hi from george from the UK


george in the uk:
Hello to everyone I am pleased that Mike has started this forum as I am sure it will take off,well I have been around for quite some time (I am 75) and started my Japanese garden about 35 years ago,and I live in the UK, to view my garden go to  I am an old member off the Japanese garden forum of gardenweb which as Mike will tell you was a good forum until certain people spoiled and I am sure that will not happen here, so I say welcome to everyone ,cos I will be around  here for a lot longer.(I hope).

Welcome to mJG George!!!!!

George, you aren't a day over 29 and you know it.  Your vigor and passion overcome me and are a welcome addition here. 

Mina san, if you have not checked out the link that George supplied I encourage you to do so.  He started just like all of us, small and full of questions and his garden has matured beautifully.   


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