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Wanted: design consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area

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Does anyone have a reference for a design consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area? I want to create a Japanese courtyard garden for our house remodel. The atrium will be seen from the kitchen, the living room and from one of the bedrooms. See picture below.

Thank you for any references!


Matthias,.. nice space.. I should move to San Francisco..    ;D

lets check and find out who is in San Francisco ..   
any idea what you would like?
historic or modern?  The space suits modern better than historic..   edzard

Edzard, yes, please move here. I need your help :)

We are envisioning a tranquil space to look at. Not too architectural. Somewhat minimal in that we don't want too many plants. A couple of trees to shade the right side in the picture (there are windows that you can't see in the picture). Gravel and stepping stones in the middle. Some "green islands" of ground cover that can survive without tons of water (i.e. moss is out, we are in a mediterranean climate).

The left side (as seen on the picture) has a ledge that is about 2 feet high. We envision some natural flat stones to make steps down into the atrium, and other large stones to bridge the hight difference.

So, all in all probably a more natural setting. We like the contrast between the modern house with clean lines and the more natural garden setting.

Mark Born is a contributor in this forum and for Japanese Gardening Organization.  He practices in the SF area.  I am sure there are more - Edzard do you know?

Don, I'm moving to SF..  8)       Mark can stay home. No need to wake the dragon...

actually Mark Bourne was one of the first people I thought of for you that is capable of handling your (Matthias) space with the capability that the site deserves and release the potential that is there. However, I need to check my geography of the US.. is not Mark closer to LA?

For you Matthias, in addition, to bring the third part of the equation to fruition, one of the important things that had crossed my mind for your design was that I hope you have seen Marc Keane's 'Tiger Glen Garden'  that is featured on the Front Page of JGO  . (yes/no?)

The reason being that you would benefit by deciding an intellectual idea that becomes your 'courtyard' garden.
The front of your garden is then a prologue that sets up the dialogue in the courtyard. A four sided sculptural living painting per se`. (diorama?)
                      (and, green ground cover is not out of the question.. there are solutions.)

The same goes for Pauls' garden, except we need to figure out the dialogue that already exists. Most small spaces would benefit from this idea, rather than pre-deciding about materials and then cooking up an idea to suit, yet, it can also be done.
   I'll go wake Mark up     edzard   (I'm still waiting for some other replies, unless they have directly contacted Matthias themselves)


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